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With over 2,400 cryptocurrencies available , and hundreds more in the planning stage, why would you consider IOST?  Because it is the foundation on which future computing will be built.  Not just a crypto currency, but an application development platform that can burst up to 8,000 transactions per second.

Solving one of the biggest issues with the blockchain, speed.

Funded by multiple VCs, not ICO money, so board meetings and eventual ROI.

Over 70 developers, 6,700 commits, and the team has not missed a release date yet.

Building an Application Platform for Web3 and high TPS dapps.

Serial entrepreneurs, proven founders, multiple PhDs and graduates from Harvard, Princeton, Brown, & Berkeley.

Mainnet launched February 25th and the 1st dApp ranks in the top 5 in transactions and volume in a 24hr period.

Current Market

Tue, 21 May 2019 20:15:53 -0600

Distibution of Tokens

No ICO.  The raise was from a hard-capped 35,000 Ether private sale from 30+ regular institutional investors (including Sequoia China, ZhenFund, Jingwei China, FBG, INBlockchain, etc.). 

The total fixed supply is 21 billion IOST. The circulating supply is 62.31% of the total supply, which is 13.086 billion IOST. This is different from the amount incorrectly listed on CoinMarketCap, which has the circulating supply listed at 12.03 billion IOST.