Our plan is to continue to deliver news, education, and developer tools relevant to the IOST ecosystem. Targeting both developers and end users, our first tool was a Windows 64bit iWallet CLI and our news channel, IOST Weekly Digest reports the highlights of the IOST ecosystem, plus other notable events such as Jimmy Zhong’s AMA’s on Telegram, new IOST Partners, and dApps.

By leveraging advanced social media analytics we can deliver timely and relevant content ensuring the maximum impact on momentum and adoption of IOST. The focus on developer tools is to help remove friction out of the development process and help propel IOST to be the application development platform for Web 3.0. The next tool to be released is a “one click” script to install and build the entire IOST development environment eliminating the often frustrating process of fighting with dependencies, toolchain setup, and other idiosyncrasies.

We are excited and thankful to be part of what is going to be a shift in global computing.