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About Us

About Us

Our plan is to continue to deliver news, education, and developer tools relevant to the IOST ecosystem. Targeting both developers and end users, our first tool was a Windows 64bit iWallet CLI and our news channel, IOST Weekly Digest reports the highlights of the IOST ecosystem, plus other notable events such as Jimmy Zhong’s AMA’s on Telegram, new IOST Partners, and dApps.

By leveraging advanced social media analytics we can deliver timely and relevant content ensuring the maximum impact on momentum and adoption of IOST. The focus on developer tools is to help remove friction out of the development process and help propel IOST to be the application development platform for Web 3.0. The next tool to be released is a “one click” script to install and build the entire IOST development environment eliminating the often frustrating process of fighting with dependencies, toolchain setup, and other idiosyncrasies.

We are excited and thankful to be part of what is going to be a shift in global computing.

Oladayo Oladipupo Co-Founder
Oladayo Oladipupo is a content writer, moderator and blockchain techpreneur. He studies Computer Science and Engineering at the Obafemi Awolowo University and has received certificates in Digital Marketing from Google and Social Media Marketing from E-Marketing Institute. Oladayo is Chief Editor of Crypto Gists, Official Content Writer for GSC Platform, and a Berminal Ambassador. Never resting, Oladayo has proven social media moderator skills with optimal management and communication skills, and the zeal to work for project development while at the same time, harnessing available opportunities for self-growth and self-development.

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Jim O’Quinn Co-Founder
After starting out in the engineering department of CompuAdd where he co-developed, and patented, technology that produced the fastest PC on the market that won numerous awards, Jim O’Quinn helped launch FSO, Inc. on the internet — five years ahead of its competitors. As CEO, he is working to regain FSO’s position as technology leader in the industry. Jim worked as a community leader with local non-profit non-partisan political organization where he co-led a diverse team to develop business and community relationships, negotiate with Austin City Council, and rewrite the City of Austin’s Economic Incentive Policy. As a board member on the finance committee of Capital IDEA, Jim helped raise funds from the State of Texas, Travis County, and City of Austin. He went on to mentor social impact entrepreneurs with UnInc. He’s also produced, shot and/or edited eleven short films and one feature-length film.
IOST Gal Editor
From the mean streets of Compton California to the ivory halls of Princeton University, IOST Gal has experienced enough for two lifetimes. After spending her early years grinding it out in a low intensity war zone buried deep in the jungles of Central America, she went on to organize immigrant communities in America and now works with technology to help bring diverse groups individuals together and solve the injustices in America’s society. Specifically those who cannot participate in the banking system for many reasons, she intends to leverage the blockchain to bring financial equality to these individuals.
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