The much-talked-about secret weapon within the IOST community has finally been unveiled by the IOST Team.  Recent talk  started during co-founder Jimmy Zhong’s AMA in reply to a community member who had heard mention of it in a recent interview.  Zhong revealed that the secret weapon would be released in April, reporting that, “Basically it’s a tool to lower barriers for Dapps & their users.”

Further light has now been shed on what the secret weapon, OASIS,  entails.  OASIS was developed by a team co-invested in by IOST to build a robust and formidable weapon for the IOST Foundation.

IOST Secret weapon


IOST Secret Weapon “OASIS”

Project OASIS aims to bring users an oasis that connects blockchain and real life, helping further reduce barriers to Dapp access, giving access to those who don’t understand wallets or blockchain technology but want to participate in the IOST ecosystem to use DApps.

This is part of a larger effort by the IOST Team to make blockchain technology accessible to laypeople while also exploring various real-world use applications.  The OASIS project ensures transactions are conducted transparently and fairly, while resolving the problem of resource consumption — a limited factor in Blockchain progress.

The project is expected to be in full operation before the end of April as IOST looks to scale greater heights, rubbing shoulders with other Decentralized Blockchains like ETH, TRX and EOS.

More details on OASIS can be found here