IOST v3.3.0 Released

Internet of Service Token (IOST) has released a version upgrade, the previous version v3.2.0 is now upgraded to v3.3.0. The

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iWallet – v0.2.1 of the Chrome Extension Now Supports More Tokens

Version 0.2.1 of the iWallet Chrome Extension now has support for multiple IOST tokens. The new version can be found

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IOST v3.2.0 – The Best gets Better

IOST released version 3.2.0 of their fast and popular blockchain and ecosystem. With mainnet launch only 5 months ago, IOST

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Update: IOST Release v3.1.0 will be a Hard Fork

Update: Version 3.1.0 will be a hard fork. There won’t be any changes to the ABI in v3.1.0.