IOST Foundation today released the final result of IOST Q2 Contribution Rankings and Rewards. After few days of dispute, there were some notable changes on the final ranking with some node moving higher to a new Tier while some got demoted to a lower Tier and some other node not included in the initial ranking making the list.

Another important change is the amount to be received by each node per Tier with little reduction noticed on each Tier, this is due to the addition of more node to each Tier after the dispute.

Final Reward Share per Node

Here are some of the differences noticed in each Tier

Tier 1
Two new additions were made to this tier with Alphacoin fund and Attic Lab being the latest inclusion. Alphacoin fund was previously ranked in Tier 3 and Attic Lab previously ranked in Tier 2

Final Tier 1

Tier 2
Four nodes were added to the final Tier 2 ranking with two other previously ranked Tier 2 node being demoted and 1 previously ranked Tier 2 node promoted.
The new inclusions are IOST Best Node previously ranked in Tier 3, Blackpool previously ranked in Tier 3, Bepal previously ranked in Tier 3 and Rate3 Network which previously didn’t make the ranking.
Demoted nodes from Tier 2 were berminal and endless with both ending up at Tier 3 and Attic Lab being the only promoted node previously ranked in Tier 2 to Tier 1

Final Tier 2

Tier 3
Blackpool, IOST Best Node, Alphacoin fund and Bepal are previously ranked Tier 3 nodes that were promoted into Tier 2, Tier 2, Tier 1 and Tier 2 respectively .
Endless and Berminal got demoted from Tier 2 to Tier 3.
With nirvanaand nodeasy both previously unranked and Dappreview promoted from Tier 4 being the new addition to Tier 3

Final Tier 3

Tier 4
IOST kr, cobo, float and IOST space all unranked in the initial ranking were the new inclusion to Tier 4 with DappReview being the only node promoted from Tier 4 to Tier 3

Final Tier 4

Tier 5
Tier 5 saw 3 new inclusion; krcren869, IOSTCOIN and Square1 previously unranked are the node added to Tier 5.

Final Tier 5

All contribution rewards and ‘share of votes’ rewards for the Q2 period will be paid out in full and automatically credited to each nodes account and their voters accounts (50% share) starting from tomorrow.
IOST Foundation is looking forward to a successful Q3 and increased contribution from Nodes, as well as new nodes joining the ecosystem.

More details on the final ranking can be found here