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The 3 Blockchain Networks within IOST

There are three different blockchain networks in IOST. They all run iServer and can communicate over gRPC, HTTP, or ipfs. Each network has a unique Chain ID which you, the developer, will use to select 1 of the 3 networks before action is taken. What action? Actions such as API calls, Smart Contracts, or accounts balances are accessed.

As a developer the Chain ID is very important. Confirm the Chain ID is set properly and it will prevent you from running tests on the mainnet by accident or sending important transactions to the testnet by accident and it will allow you to target your Local Node when developing on your laptop.

The three blockchain networks are explained:

Local Node – Running Isolated MainNet

Local Node Running Isolated MainNet
Use CaseFor testing and development locally on your own machine.
HostedCan run on your machine, laptop or desktop, either native, in a container, or a VM. With Bootstrap running a local node is easy.
Chain ID1020
Hostname127.0.0.1 or localhost
YY Port30001
XX Port30002
NotesCan create accounts, tokens, allocate iGAS, iRAM and IOST tokens.

Internet Node – Running TestNet

Internet Node Running TestNet
Use CaseIOST’s TestNet node used for testing and development
HostedHosted by an IOST partner on a public IP address
Chain ID1023
YY Port30001
XX Port30002
NotesMust apply for an account:

Internet Node – running MainNet

Internet Node Running TestNet
Use CaseLive and in production, not for testing or development
HostedHosted by ServiNode partners on a public IP address
Chain ID1024
YY Port30001
XX Port30002
NotesCreate account via TokenPocket, Cobo Wallet, Save your Private Key!
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