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[email protected]:/workdir# iwallet
An IOST RPC client

  iwallet [command]

Available Commands:
  account     KeyPair manager
  balance     Check the information of a specified account
  block       Print block info
  call        Call the method in contracts
  compile     Generate contract abi
  help        Help about any command
  key         Create a key pair
  publish     Publish a contract
  receipt     Find receipt
  send        Send transaction onto blockchain by given json file
  sign        Sign a tx and save the signature
  state       Get blockchain and node state
  system      Common system contract actions
  table       Fetch stored info of given contract
  transaction Find transactions
  transfer    Transfer IOST

  -a, --account string                 which account to use
      --account_dir string             $(account_dir)/.iwallet will be used to save accounts (default $HOME/.iwallet)
      --amount_limit string            amount limit for one transaction, eg iost:300.00|ram:2000 (default "*:unlimited")
      --as_publisher_sign              use signKeyFiles/signatureFiles for publisher sign
      --chain_id uint32                chain id which distinguishes different network (default 1024)
      --check_result                   check publish/call status after sending to chain (default true)
      --check_result_delay float32     rpc checking will occur at [checkResultDelay] seconds after sending to chain. (default 3)
      --check_result_max_retry int32   max times to call grpc to check tx status (default 30)
      --config string                  configuration file (default $HOME/.iwallet.yaml)
      --elapsed_time                   print elapsed time
  -e, --expiration int                 expiration time for a transaction in seconds (default 90)
  -l, --gas_limit float                gas limit for a transaction (default 1e+06)
  -p, --gas_ratio float                gas ratio for a transaction (default 1)
  -h, --help                           help for iwallet
  -o, --output string                  output json file to save transaction request
  -s, --server string                  set server of this client (default "localhost:30002")
      --sign_algo string               sign algorithm (default "ed25519")
      --sign_key_files strings         optional private key files used for signing, split by comma
      --sign_permission string         permission used to sign transactions (default "active")
      --signature_files strings        optional signature files, split by comma
      --signers strings                additional signers
      --tx_time string                 use the special tx time instead of now, format: 2019-07-21T06:27:18Z
      --tx_time_delay uint32           delay the tx time from now
      --use_longest                    get info on longest chain
  -v, --verbose                        print verbose information (default true)

Use "iwallet [command] --help" for more information about a command.
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