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Which editor should I use?
Should I develop on a local node or the testnet?
Should I in

Should I use an IDE, modern editor such as Sublime or Visual Studio Code, or the time tested vi or emacs?

Honestly? We can’t answer that question, but we can provide guidelines that will help you decide.

vi and emacs

If you don’t know what these are, then move on. If you are proficient with vi or emacs and have you used one or both as your primary development tool for as long as you can remember, then stay with what you know. Developing dApps with either vi or emacs is perfectly acceptable.

Sublime, Visual Studio Code, Brackets, et, al

These are in the class of source code editors, while not as cryptic and minimalist as vi and emacs, they are not as expansive and complicated as modern IDEs. If you are not too experienced writing code, then picking a source code editor is a good place to start.

Integrate Development Environments (IDE)

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