Have you ever wanted to monitor an IOST account with notifications on incoming and outgoing transactions? Now with Everstake bot on Telegram you can track transactions in any mainnet IOST account.

Tracking of transactions is not only limited to tokens received and sent, you can also monitor a node producers to know when they receive new votes and also when daily votes reward are distributed.

The following are the full functionality of Everstake bot:

  • receive notifications about any incoming and outgoing transactions (available in IOST, BTC & USD).
  • monitor account balance including amount of casted & available votes.
  • monitor amount of resources on the account (available and used iGAS and iRAM)
  • check your unclaimed IOST rewards .
  • get notifications about pending rewards that can be claimed.
  • receive information about the Servi node (when the node receives and releases rewards).
  • as a node operator you can receive staking/unstaking notifications.
  • set transaction thresholds and alarms.

All you have to do to use this bot is to select start on https://t.me/everstake_bot on telegram and the IOST accounts you want to receive notification on.

The team plans to add more update to the bot, AtticLab are also working on creating the bot in Chinese & Russian language for IOST Chinese and Russian community.

About Attic Lab

Attic Lab is a software development company operating in the blockchain industry. They have a team of tech-savvy blockchain developers and enthusiasts located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Founded in 2016, Attic Lab has gone through a long process of transitioning from a company dealing in tailor-made blockchain software solutions to a product firm.

It is an engineering team first of all, they also use part of the funds from block production for building tools for users. One of AtticLab’s goals is to make the use of IOST as seamless and convenient as possible for regular holders.