After a successful IEO on Huobi Prime V, EMOGI Network token (LOL) has since hit cryptocurrency exchanges.
Here are exchange sites available to trade(buy/sell) your LOL token.

After a successful IEO that saw a huge turn-out and an ATH ROI of x4.99 according to data on for those that purchase during Huobi Prime V program.

EMOGI IEO statistics from

LOL token is now available to trade on Huobi Global Exchange. With three trading pairs LOL/USDT, LOL/HT, and LOL/BTC.
Minimum LOL deposit on Huobi global is 500 LOL while the minimum withdrawal is 1000 LOL.

Huobi Global

BISS exchange has listed LOL token with a single trading pair LOL/USDT. As at the time of this article Deposit and withdrawal of LOL is unavailable on BISS exchange.

BISS Exchange

Onblock listed LOL token on its exchange with a single trading pair LOL/USDT. LOL token deposit is already being allowed with a minimum deposit of 1 LOL but the withdrawal of LOL token on Onblock is expected to start August 22nd, 2019.


Finally, LOL token can be traded on IOSTDEX LOL/IOST


LOL token can now be used to play one of most exciting Dapp on IOST Blockchain (BlockArcade StackWave) Visit


EMOGI Network’s vision is to lower the bar for entering blockchain technology world for everyone. Currently, EMOGI is a native cryptocurrency within our short video social app Bermi, which is widely adopted in LatAm world. Compared with current crypto solutions, the EMOGI is way more decentralized and easier to adopt for whoever is interested in blockchain technology.
The project is invested by Zhen Fund, Matrix China,Nirvana Capital, Metropolos VC, BlockVC, Huobi Capital, AlphaCoin Fund, Primitive Ventures.
Total Supply:21,000,000,000 LOL
Token in Circulation:2,352,000,000 LOL 
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