One of the leading decentralized finance platforms in Korea Donnie Finance will airdrop a total of 10% of the Donnie Token supply to IOST holders and will distribute this quantity through several events. The first distribution of Donnie airdrop will have its snapshot on 25th February 2021.

How to participate

Airdrop will be conducted on supporting major exchanges.

Supporting Exchange

As of the time of this publication, the following exchanges were confirmed to support Donnie airdrop distribution to IOST holders.

Huobi Global




MXC Exchange

Bithumb Exchange

BigONE Exchange

UpBit Exchange

AEX Anbank


DON snapshot date

25th February 2021 (Thur) 8:00 AM (UTC) the snapshot will be taken at the first block created after Feb 25, 8:00 AM (UTC)

Count Down Timer

Airdrop calculation

DON airdrop received by User A = (Amount of IOST held by User A / Total IOST held by a particular supporting exchange) * Total DON received by the supporting exchange

Airdrop Release schedule

Airdrop will be distributed within a week from the snapshot date. (The exact date of the snapshot may vary from exchanges).

About Donnie Finance

Korea-based project Donnie Finance is a financial service platform built on the IOST blockchain and offers a variety of services such as decentralized exchanges, asset management, payment, and credit analysis in addition to the existing DeFi deposit and loan services.

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DON is the governance token used on the Donnie Finance platform. Users must stake their DON tokens to participate in voting-related to the platform operation policy. In addition, you can receive various benefits such as discounts on platform transaction fees and preferential interest rates.

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Donnie Token Details

Donnie Finance Token Symbol: Donnie
DON Token Contract: Contract5ndTHiqRRPWnT5wBFhQ9bthhueT9LVFnuGgGEVfmVRb8
Donnie Profile
Audited and Secured by: Halborn, SLOW MIST
Major Partners: HUSD, Cobak, Tpay, DeFi Code