IOST wallet can be created using several means. One of the easiest, quickest and secure ways of creating a mainnet IOST wallet is through the Token Pocket wallet App.

Token Pocket is a universal digital wallet with rich features for dApp users.  With Token Pocket, you can create an IOST wallet and use any IOST dApp easily.

There are two ways to create an IOST wallet on Token Pocket:

Download Token Pocket Wallet for iOS or Android

  1. Through Activation Code
  2. Create by Friend

Through Activation Code

To use this feature, what you need is just an activation code. This activation code can be purchased through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or AMEX for a fee of $1.  You can also get a free activation code from IOST Watch if you follow this link

Create by Friend

To use this feature all you must do is fill out your details and ask a friend to make the payment by sending the bar image shown after you submit the required details. The account will remain inactive until the payment is made.

We are giving away 200 free IOST wallet activation codes.  Check here for details.