We had an interview with Ankr’s CMO on its partnership with IOST, its node as-a-service solutions, how to use its One-Click Node setup deployment, their impact in the industry and more. Here are the full interview details.

Hi, can we meet you? What do you do and what is your crypto/Blockchain background?

I am Marco, CMO of Ankr, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have a background in blockchain marketing, token metrics research and traditional finance. In recent months I have been focussing on bringing awareness to the Ankr node as-a-service solutions across various blockchain platforms, communities and social media.

What is Ankr about?

Ankr is building an infrastructure platform and marketplace for Web3-stack deployment. 

The blockchain infrastructure enables resource providers and end-users to easily connect to blockchain technologies and DeFi applications.

Our customized node deployment and API solutions with a strong focus on user experience drastically lower the entry barrier for everyday people, enterprises and developers to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.

What motivated the creation of Ankr?

The vast majority of the current activity on the blockchain is for trading and speculation purposes. Some great use cases like DeFi and staking are still very premature and mass adoption of blockchain technology will only be reached if the barrier for participation is drastically lowered. 

The high entry barrier for everyday use of blockchain technology is mainly caused by technical complexity and the low level of customer friendliness of blockchain-related products. It is really hard for users who lack a technical background to learn how blockchain works and what they can do with it.

At Ankr we strive to provide the easiest way for consumers, enterprises and developers to participate in the Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain ecosystem. Our infrastructure brings an easily accessible, customer-facing blockchain application management platform, where users can run nodes, stake and connect to blockchain technology in a simple way.

A little info about the team behind Ankr?

Our distributed team of 40+ blockchain enthusiasts is spread over 5 continents. Our headquarters are located in San Francisco, USA and we have engineering, product development, designer, community management, sales and marketing teams in the UK, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and Australia working in one of our offices or from their homes. Together we are building the Web3 infrastructure for the masses.

Why the partnership with IOST?

Our commitment to building infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node instantly distributed across the globe in just a few easy clicks aligns with IOST’s mission in growing their global node ecosystem which to date has attracted over 400 nodes worldwide.

Ankr and IOST will leverage their mutual networks and communities to benefit the growth of the IOST node network and usage of Ankr’s node as-a-service solutions, enabling all community members to run an IOST node using Ankr and further secure and decentralize the IOST mainnet.

One click node deployment service how does it work?

It is really as easy as it sounds! I have no technical background myself, yet I am running blockchain nodes of 4 different protocols on our platform. Usually, you need to study a lot of technical documents and the complexity of setting up a node for any blockchain takes a lot of time and effort. Ankr makes running blockchain nodes accessible and affordable for users around the world, so they can participate in their favorite blockchain networks and earn tokens by staking, voting and mining.

What do I need to do to deploy and IOST Node using your service?

If you already have an IOST wallet set up, all you need to do is register on our platform at https://app.ankr.com/, fill in the wallet address, choose your payment method and click deploy! We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the wallet and deploy the node, you can find it here: https://bit.ly/AnkrXIOSTHowTo . Just follow the steps and will have it up-and-running in minutes!

What do I stand to gain using your service and not the traditional way of deployment?

First of all, we can provide our services much cheaper and more decentralized than any public cloud provider, because we have a network of data centers across the world, providing their resources to our platform. We are usually around 50% cheaper than Amazon AWS. The distributed nature of our servers also instantly increases resilience and stability.

What is your impact in the general crypto space?

We make blockchain easy, accessible and affordable for everyday people. Our node hosting solutions are super easy to use and much cheaper than any other managed solution out there. 

For example, other providers of managed blockchain node infrastructure are entirely enterprise-focused and not suitable for the average cryptocurrency holder, in terms of pricing and accessibility. With Ankr you don’t need to contact us in order to run any node, you can just create an account on our platform and start using the product!

How does Ankr handle Decentralization, Scalability and Security?

Today, many public blockchains are running the majority of their nodes on centralized public cloud providers, which is very expensive but also takes away the promise of decentralization. By making node hosting available to the public, we contribute to the decentralization of these public networks. 

Our cloud infrastructure is more decentralized as we operate independently from any public cloud provider thus removing any single point of failure. We provide enterprise-grade security through our custom-built infrastructure, KMS system, and high-level encryption for storage and data transmission, which is guaranteed by utilizing resources from top-tier trusted enterprise-grade data centers across the globe.

What do you find exciting about the future of Blockchain technology?

The ability for every person on the planet to participate, due to the open-source character and 24-hour global economy. Working in the blockchain space has made it possible to work with people from all over the world, with the same goal of bringing innovative technology and products to improve the lives of billions of people around the globe.

What is the route to mass adoption in the industry?

As stated before, Ankr is building the Web3 infrastructure for the masses in order to reduce entry barriers and make blockchain easy, accessible and affordable for everyday people. The same should happen for other product lines in crypto such as wallets, asset transfers and DeFi applications to finally connect with “real-world” products and applications.

What other thing do you want the community to know?

I would like everyone to try our node as-a-service solutions for IOST or any of the other protocols we have integrated on our platform, and see for yourself how easy it is to participate in your favorite blockchain project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our admins in our official Node Support group on Telegram: https://t.me/AnkrNodeSupport