We talked with IOST Vegas Project Manager Dendorion and he explained what captivated TRON Vegas to IOST Vegas, proposed Crypto Vegas plan, future games and IOST Vegas experience with IOST Blockchain

Q. First can we have an introduction of IOST Vegas, Details of the team members and also the country of operation?

First of all thanks for having us.
We first started over at TRON.
The start of building the dream, to provide a fair gambling experience.
We currently have 9 games there.
Our TRON platform has been around for approximately 7 months now so we decided to broaden our vision.
Due to the fast transaction speed of IOST, this was our first choice.
Currently, there are 5 team members and we have a small scale dev team. But as our platforms grow so will the team.
We also don’t have a specific area of operations as our team is spread globally. From the US to Europe to Asia.

Q. If I may ask, what brought IOST Vegas from Tron to IOST?

We were looking for possibilities to expand our business towards other chains.
While researching we found out about IOST and were amazed by the speed IOST is providing so this would be our obvious first choice.
As fast transaction speed and low transaction costs are important for the experience we are providing.
IOST is our second step into creating a whole ecosystem.

Q. What is the experience on IOST Blockchain look like?

We try to bring a bit of Vegas to IOST and provide people an entertaining gambling experience.
5 out of our 9 games are released already to bring a variety of games to the players.
And while you play with your IOST you automatically mine our native coin ICOIN, which you can stake to receive a portion of the daily dividends.

Q. What has been users reception to IOST Vegas?

IOST has a great community and we had a very warm welcome. Which is absolutely awesome.
We got a steady flow of players using our platform daily.
So far it seems everyone is enjoying our games. Since we launched 763,614 bets have been made with a total volume of 64,474,274 IOST

Q. Why has IOST Vegas not showed up on OnBlock? Do you plan to join anytime soon?

As we only have a small scale dev team we have to prioritize our efforts.
Appearing on Onblock would mean the coding of all our games needs some changes.
And for now, we give priority to releasing our platform to the full extent into IOST first.
I can see us join OnBlock in the future. But can’t give you a time frame for this

Q. What games are available on IOST Vegas and what are the gameplay details?

We currently have 5 games live on IOST.
– Dice You guess if the dice will roll over or under a certain number. If it hits you win else you lose.
– Roulette I think most people will know how this game works.
– IOSTspin An giant spinning wheel where you can win up to 48x your bet.
– Digix you guess if the lucky number rolled either is big small even or odd
– DragonTiger you choose who will win the battle, or maybe you think it will be a tie

Q. What advantage does IOST Vegas has over its direct competitors in IOST Blockchain Dapp?

We are the first to provide daily leaderboard rewards on top of our daily dividend payout.
Also, are we providing the most playable games for a gambling Dapp at IOST yet.

Q. Are there preparation to link users of your Tron Dapp with IOST?

Not directly, but as we are building an ecosystem all our platforms will in the future be linked together through a main hub called CryptoVegas.

Q. Can you share more details on that CryptoVegas?

CryptoVegas will be the Central hub for our players to connect to other blockchains. All our platforms can be accessed through it.
You’re kind of getting an exclusive here as preparations for this are still in the earliest stages of development.
CryptoVegas will be the brand we build around our platforms so we will get recognized by a lot more people.
We are also looking into additional ways of income so our hub can spread these as extra dividends on the different chains.
This still takes several months of development. Once we got more exact details we will provide these to our community

Q. Are there new games to be expected on your platforms soon?

Yes, there will be..
The community voted Sky Rocket to be released next this will be launched next week.
Further down the line, we have: Mines – Hold’Em Poker – And Tradewar a binary options game to be released in the following weeks.
Q3 will furthermore bring 2 brand new games

Q. We’ve had situations where Dapps projected a lot of developments but die down or escape after a few months, how do we expect that IOST Vegas will be different?

With our platform running for about 7 months on TRON. I think we can say we are here to stay. We have bad times there with many negative dividends. But the team never gave up or stopped development. We believe in our platform.

Q. What other things do you want IOST community know about?

I think we have covered everything

Q. Your projection of IOST in this Q3?

My personal projection and hope would be that at the end of Q3 IOST price settled between 0.025 and 0.028. To my opinion, this coin is way undervalued

Lastly, what are the various link to reach to IOSTVEGAS

Website: iostvegas.io
Twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/IOSTVEGASONLINE
Telegram : https://t.me/IOSTVEGAS