OnBlock team reveals innovation behind OnBlock, why it chooses IOST Blockchain, how to onboard new Dapp to its platforms and answers to other questions from IOST Watch team.

Q: First, can we have an introduction and brief history of OnBlock? Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started OnBlock.
As of today, existing exchanges are countless, only a small number of them are pioneers and game-changers. As we have noticed, most of the services exchanges provide are relatively separate and independent. OnBlock is the first digital asset trading platform integrating public chain ecosystem which provides one-stop service for users to experience DApps, exchange assets, and smart investment. OnBlock is dedicated to bringing blockchain to mass adoption, not only by lowering the barriers for users to access DApps, but we will continue working on improving and enriching our platform to provide a more complete and better user experience.

Q: If I may ask, why did OnBlock pick the IOST blockchain?
IOST is one of our investors and has been supporting us since the very beginning. As the fourth largest public chain other than ETH, EOS, and TRON, we see its great potential. As a development team, we find IOST very developer-friendly and easy to use. They manage to provide great tools as well as supporting program to support developers. With its growing community and global influence, we are very much looking forward to future in-depth cooperation between the two parties.

Q: Onboarding new users require converting fiat to IOST, will OnBlock have a fiat on-ramp to help smooth this process?
Yes, as frequently requested from the community, we will definitely consider fiat on ramp. Since we are working on multiple things at the moment, I’m afraid we do not have an ETA for this now.

Q: Onblock recently did an upgrade, what are the advantages of the upgrade?
The upgraded OnBlock provides one-stop service for our users to experience DApps and exchange their assets between chains. We recently also launched the OnBlock Pool and supported IOST staking where users can smartly invest with their IOST.​ Join OnBlock Pool to receive over 20% annual return. Users can also invest, deposit/withdraw at any time, and trade instantly on OnBlock​ ​Exchange. By inviting friends, users also stand to receive vouchers and increase earnings.
Join OnBlock Staking Pool

Q: How secure are users funds on Onblock, can we get a little brief on the security of Onblock platform?
OnBlock is committed to providing users with a more secure digital asset trading environment. By introducing the P2DR dynamic network security model proposed by ISS in the United States, and using security technologies such as cold storage, SSL and offline multi-signature technology to intelligently judge any potential risks in users’ transactions, discover and handle risks in time, and to isolate external intrusions from transactions. In addition, OnBlock has included internal supervision and early warning system as well as setting up a risk reserve mechanism to maximize the asset security of users and platforms.

Q: Does OnBlock’s integration require a browser extension or can it be used in a standalone app-like Electron?
A browser extension is required now, but we are already working on the APP version.

Q: Are there rules to onboard a new Dapp on your platform?
There isn’t any specific rules or particular types of DApps that we accept on OnBlock. Once we receive an application from a DApp team, we will review from the following perspectives: the game itself, the team behind it as well as its community. All we are trying to do is to make sure we can deliver quality, smooth and safe gameplay experience to our users.

Q: If I want my Dapp on Onblock what are the steps and guides to follow?
You can submit an application to us from our official website ​https://onblock.me​ or directly contact us via telegram @teamonblock.

Q: What are the new innovations to expect on Onblock this Q3 and the remainder of this year?
Innovation is the key to moving forward, however, to focus on improving the current product can we better serve our users. Since the launch of OnBlock, we’ve been evolving and upgrading. In the next few months, we will focus on constructing the inner system of OnBlock, expand our user base as well as bringing more projects and assets to our platform. We will also be launching our partner program which helps promote OnBlock from a global scale.

Q: Are there plans to incorporate other Blockchain Dapps like TRX, ETH and EOS in the future?
We have already supported IOST and EOS DApps. We will be supporting TRON DApps very soon.

Q: Your projection of IOST in this Q3?
As one of the tier 1 IOST partners for this past Q2, we are very happy for the recognition from the IOST official and its community. We’ve been connected to IOST partners from all over the world and is not surprised to see how diverse they are and their effort of contributing to the IOST ecosystem In their field of expertise. In Q3, we will continue to work closely with IOST, and together we hope IOST can continue to help promote the application of blockchain in real-life cases, keep creating positive social impact and continue to grow.

Q: Can you share a little info on OnBlock team?
Our team is currently located in both Singapore and New York, and we will keep expanding our team on a global scale.

OnBlock Link
Website: https://onblock.me
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OnBlockOfficial
Telegram: https://t.me/OnBlockOfficial

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