Welcome to this AMA session, we have representative from IOST and Bituniverse discuss on the subject: “Besides cryptocurrencies, are there other investment opportunities in Blockchain business?”

We have two guests tonight:

Guest 1: Mei, IOST Marketing Director
Guest 2: Phoebe, BitUniverse Co-founder & CMO

This AMA will be moderated by Andy, Southeast Asia Blockchain media BeeCast CEO.

Q1. Before the AMA starts, introductions of the guests (BitUniverse & IOST)

Jesper: Hi guys, I am Mei, marketing director from IOST. 🙂

Phoebe: Hi there! This is Phoebe from BitUniverse. Honor to have you all with Andy, Mei and me tonight. I’m thrilled to attend AMA as a strategic partner of IOST.

Before joining BitUniverse, Phoebe has helped several companies to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq market and the fund-raising after that. China Mobile, 360 Qihoo (57 Billion market capitalization), and lots of company were guided through Phoebe for their IPO and fund-raising. Overall, Phoebe has sound knowledge and experiences in fund-raising and risk management. BitUniverse was founded in the early 2018 and backed by top investors, like Gao Rong VC, ShunWei VC, and Zhen Fund.

BitUniverse is an app helping users to improve their trading abilities. BitUniverse independently develops and initiatively applies Grid trading bot in cryptocurrencies. Within three months after the bot coming online, it has helped users earn more than 3 million USD. Till the end of March 2019, the total number of downloads surpassed 1.2 million worldwide.

Andy: hi guys, I’m Andy,CEO from BeecastBeecast is a southeastern Asia blockchain news platform with branches located in Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Manila. Beecast held the first online interview TV program called《Blockchain in SEA》and interview TV program called 《Andyview》with blockchain influencers, the resources of Beecast includes 300s blockchain investment agencies, exchanges, programs, and social media group.
Beecast has been promoting incubation investment and whole case operation in brand expanding, community building, offline activity, and ICO preparation in order to boost the development of blockchain in southeastern countries.

Q2. What’s the connection between IOST’s PoS mechanism and PoB mechanism? Are there particular differences?

Jesper: Haha, yes, we are a bit like PoS, but not totally the same. IOST has designed a new consensus mechanism PoB (proof-of-believability) based on PoS and DPoS. We saw the usage of system resources are not optimized, and speculators trade these resources which makes the price higher and increase the cost of developers.On IOST, we also have resources like iRAM and iGAS, but cheaper, even can be seen as free. Meanwhile block producers have equal chance of producing blocks.Recently many developers said that IOST is cheaper and more convenient than other mainnets, I think that shows the power of PoS :smile:In a word, we learned from PoS and DPoS, and make a better consensus.

Q3. How do IOST and BitUniverse review the emerging of PoS mechanism lately and the controversy between PoW and PoS?

Jesper: There are more and more discussions on PoS nowadays. But PoW, which is the consensus mechanism used by BTC, still plays a very important role. This is a classical solution which shows the charm of encryption. PoS on the other hand, increased the engagement of communities. Participation of community members can be vital to a blockchain project especially when projects facing with fierce competition.Recently the market’s growing interest in PoS proved that PoS has relatively more advantages on building a public chain. In general, I think PoW and PoS will co-exist for long, but more projects are heading to PoS.

Phoebe: Well, good question.

About the popularity of PoS, there is some case for proof, that in early Feb this year staked.us competed its seed fund-raising of 45 Billion USD, with well-known Blockchain investor Pantera Capital leading and other investors like Coinbase following. staked.us is specialized in providing services for PoS institutes.

This is a showcase of how popular PoS is.
People are exposed to the potential commerce opportunities and fortune possibilities. Its investors said that, in the year 2019 projects applying PoS consensus mechanism will take up 25% of all Blockchain projects and Staking will produce 2.5 Billion USD with huge potential of growth. The recent blockbuster projects like Cosmos, Cardano and Polkadot all apply PoS mechanism.There is still few tokens applying this new mechanism PoS ranking in the front by market cap. If new tokens use PoS mechanism, the chance of leading in market cap is minimum. We know that Bitcoin is the first coin applying PoW mechanism anchoring the value of gold. But the volume of such way of anchoring is quite limited, as the market pool of cryptocurrency is established, market cap of tokens applying the mechanism is constrained with large-margin leap-over in market cap. There is nothing strange as PoS becomes a heated topic or even a track of competition.As for the ongoing controversy over PoS and PoW, my personal view is that it’s subject to applications. There is yet insufficient evidence to determine which one is better or support the notion of which one replacing the other.

Say, our team applies PoW mechanism during work while applies PoS mechanism during meetings because it’s the CEO who makes the decision.As I said before, there is no “better” or “worse” between the two mechanisms as it’s subject to the needs of applications. PoW has much more long-lasting records regarding security as it’s very simple, making the attack surface fairly smaller. PoS is new and exposed to larger attack surface. If applications see security as the biggest concern of all and are willing to pay the costs, then they can apply PoW mechanism. Otherwise, PoS might be the better solution. Of course, there are cases of two mechanisms intertwined.In the future, different applications shall choose difference features. This is not about PoW or PoS but series of choices that applications will make in the future. Fundamental technologies should make the choices easier to make and seamlessly invisible.

Q4. Lately DeFi seems to be the next phenomenal trend of the industry. Do BitUniverse and IOST have plans for pertaining area? And what are the plans?

Jesper: Currently on IOST, our partners are developing Defi projects based on IOST. You can see that some DApps like Liebi Pool are closely related to Defi and shows that developers are discovering this domain based on IOST.IOST would move forward and further explore Defi projects. Before, IOST developed its stable coin, iUSD will soon be available to the market.BTW, if there are teams who are interested in working with IOST on Defi, please feel free to contact me. : )

Phoebe: DeFi is indeed an eye-catching theme these days.

As BitUniverse dedicates itself in trading strategies and helping users to improve their abilities to trade, we do have some financial studies and algorithm as support for the trading tools and strategies that we provide.DeFi, or Decentralized Finance is an important area of Blockchain technology application. The most well-know Dapps under Ethereum network, like MakerDAO/DAI, Compound and Ox are targeting at revolutionizing the traditional financial services, with purpose of liberating people’s economy mode. BitUniverse provides not only trading tools but also financial services. So, in the future, we might apply DeFi in our trading platform.For example: we could apply Lightening Network technology for higher scalability of our trading platform; we could provide portfolio products and services based on DeFi to help users earn more Passive Income; we could also develop decentralized trading platform or Crypto Derivatives for users to choose. These are our preliminary plans and we will have further studies over these potential resolutions. Our idea is simple, we will adhere to the mission of BitUniverse “Improving Users’s Abilities to Trade”, based on which, we will do whatever we think would be beneficial for our users.

Q5. Now, exchanges and projects keep introducing more trading products and solutions. Could you please brief on what new values has BitUniverse brought to cryptocurrency investors? How can it be differentiated with traditional cryptocurrency platforms?

Phoebe: I think that, BitUniverse is complementary to the business of traditional cryptocurrency platforms – exchanges.

When looking back at the history of financial investment, there are two schools, of which one is value investment and the other technical analysis.For value investors, they trust in finding high-quality assets, represented by Graham and Warren Buffet. School of technical analysis trusts that all values of one company are sufficiently presented in the markets and they build projection models using higher mathematics and physics.

From my investment experience over a decade in the past, my thought is that, a good investment ideal is a combination of the two schools, meaning that investors should find high-quality assets while keeping improving trading capabilities.In Blockchain business, the core functionality of exchange is to help users find high-quality assets. From Mt.Gox selling Bitcoins to the recent IEO projects by Binance and Huobi, exchanges’ job is to find and provide high-quality assets.

When it comes to improving trading capabilities, there are two types of platforms in the market. One is quantitative trading platform providing programed interface for users to realize independent trading models and automatic trading. This kind of product is too complicated for users. The second variety is funds. As Blockchain is still in its preliminary stage of development, and, profit models of high-end funds are closed and hidden, making common users impossible to get knowledge of its functionalities. Based on all the facts, common users are exposed to market risks without any protection.We can conclude that, BitUniverse is mutually complimentary with cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchanges help with selecting high-quality assets while BitUniverse helps improving traders’ capabilities.

What BitUniverse does has never been done before and barely possible to be outdone by others in the near future. What BitUniverse does is to help users in realizing their value appreciation and improving their capabilities.

If there is only one team that is capable of creating an application such as BitUniverse, it has to be us. We are well convinced of BitUniverse’s mission “technology empowers trading and improves users’ trading capabilities”. You can see that, by using Bituniverse bot, running IOST trading pair is very profitable.

Q6. In what ways will IOST gain more advantages amid fierce competition between PoS projects?

Jesper: In next step’s competition,IOST will increase reward to our node partners and people who contribute to IOST’s ecosystem.We will also increase the exposure to public thus to let more people know the project.Building a strong consensus is also the mission of our project.
Some advantages like low barrier of becoming an IOST node, number of node IOST node partners etc will be maintained to differentiate IOST from other PoS projects.IOST’s tech team is also working on offering a more secured and scalable mainnet to developers and people/ companies who need blockchain solutions.

Q7. Could the two guests share your expectation on the investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology in the year 2019?

Jesper: Blockchain technology is becoming more mature. Many giants have already established their BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platforms with complete development tools.This will make it easier for developers and corporates to apply this technology to different scenarios.When it comes to investment in crypto, people should concentrate on promising projects and mainstream projects. As more old money will be in crypto, more investment options like derivatives will be available.

Phoebe: To understand the magnitude of the opportunity in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, let’s add it all up:

Digital gold: $30 – $70T
Deflating the monetary premia of real estate, equity, and debt: $5 – 25T
Replacement for offshore bank accounts: $1 – 10T
Securing the world’s assets: $1 – 10T
New economic activity facilitated by blockchains: $1-10T

All together, there’s a clear path to $50T, and a plausible path to $100T. (By Kyle)It’s a long way to go, but we do believe the future will be there. The only remaining question then is: How do we get there?

BitUniverse supplies trading bot helping users make more profits in a swinging market and uprising market. We still consider that the most part of cryptocurrency market in the year 2019 will still be a swinging market combined with rising tendency. In a swinging market, our strategy is simple, that users can stock more tokens by using BitUniverse grid trading bot.Personally, I still believe that the real values are guaranteed by real technologies, for example, top public Blockchain projects such as IOST and projects with revolutionary technologies.

You can see from this actual order, using BitUniverse app and running IOST grid trading orders are really profitable.

Q8. Lately BTC price hit 8000USD. As a public Blockchain project, what further development will IOST have? And, what plans does BitUniverse have?

Jesper: To B business: We are working with more big names on taking blockchain technology to real applications. We are working with AWS on making IOST more accessible to developers. We are also working with different blockchain projects on layer 2 solutions etc.-To C business: More playable and useful DApps are on the way. More and more developers are working with us on DApp development. We keep a relatively high frequency on releasing new DApps. IOST also incubated new projects that lowered the barrier of users to use DApps.-Building a complete ecosystem. IOST’s wallet partners, DApp partners, node partners etc are all contributing to this ecosystem.

Phoebe: Besides Grid trading bot suitable for profit making in a swinging market, BitUniverse also has trading strategies like Trailer Take Profit, which helps users secure profits as highest as possible when the market prices go up. Grid Trading Bot is suitable for three trading scenarios:1, Value coins hoarding when prices are low and take profits when prices go up;
2, Token pair trading, helping in taking double profits;
3, Stable coin profit taking, stable profits with annualized return ratio higher than 30%.For now, BitUniverse’s plans are like: we will keep on developing and improving more trading strategies and functions for users; we will update more versions to provide better use experience for our users; we will work with more exchanges to cover more groups of users and expand our market reach.

Q9.From the start of the year till now, BTC price has risen by 120%. As a cryptocurrency trading platform, what investment ideas and suggestions can BitUniverse provide for the community?

Phoebe: Our idea and suggestion are simple, that users can enjoy higher profitability using BitUniverse product. Hard-sell advertisement, huh?

We came to the conclusion that, 70% or the cryptocurrency markets maintains a swinging market. If users want to make profits through market fluctuations, normally they can’t overwatch and trade 7*24, which has to be practical with the help of trading tools. Grid Trading Bot satisfies the strong demands for profit-making in a swinging market.

The best way to earn profits in a swinging market is “buy-low and sell-high”. The mechanism of Grid Trading is as following:

By using BitUniverse Grid Trading Bot, users need to set price range including highest price and lowest price, number of grids and positions. Users’ assets will be divided by the number of grids to proceed continuous making and taking within the price range, enabling repetitive “buy-low and sell-high” operations to earn profits!Hereunder please find an example:

1, When running BTC/USDT trading pair, first we need to divide the price range USD6900-8300 into 5 grids, the bot place two sell orders in USD8300 and USD7950 and two buy orders in USD6900 and USD7250.

2, When Bitcoin price hits USD7950, Grid Trading Bot will sell 1BTC pricing USD7950, meanwhile it places a buy order for USD7600.

3, When Bitcoin prices rises up to USD8150 and drops back to USD7600, the Bot automatically buys 1BTC and places a sell order for USD7950.

Users spend lot of time in sleeping, commuting, dinning, resting, etc, and the real trading time normally is under 5 hours or even less. In the contrast, Grid Trading Bot enables continuous trading 7*24 with triple efficiency for profit making!

BitUniverse Grid Trading Bot amplifies the profit-making efficiency as it suits a swinging market, enables 7*24 trading, overcoming human nature weaknesses.When the markets gradually moves to a bull market, or, when the market rises, Grid Trading Bot is suitable for token pair trading to earn double profits! Taking EOS/BTC trading pair as an example, Grid Trading Bot helps profit-taking when BTC price is high and repetitive profit-taking after exchanging BTC for EOS when EOS price goes up.

Also, we have trailer-take-profit tool, helping users to take the profits during price surges.

Q10. How would BitUniverse and IOST coordinate and further push forward the development of Blockchain projects after establishing strategic partnership?

Phoebe: We are happy here today to announce the establishment of strategic partnership between BitUniverse and IOST. In the future, BitUniverse will keep on offering IOST holders/traders trading tools to help them earn more. As for the development of Blockchain projects, I can foresee a bright future of us working together in various areas, like DeFi projects such as decentralized trading platform, Dapps helping users to trade. These areas of cooperation are on the table and can be discussed further. As IOST is a top public Blockchain, I think that, they can provide Blockchain technology helping BitUniverse to provide better products and services for our users in future.

Invest IOST and use BitUniverse WE DO LOOK FORWARDS TO WORKING WITH IOST. We will help IOST holder to earn more profits!

Jesper: We will work with BitUniverse on building communities and proceed to make crypto and blockchain available to more people. 🙂

Zico: My question is “Are there no security issues with using BitUniverse for trading? Like the security issue Binance encountered recently with APIs?

BitUniverse: We do have well-guaranteed security measures.Like we store API keys in private VPC.

The transmission of the keys are encrypted. So, in case of hacker attack, the keys won’t be obtained by hackers coz they don’t have the private keys.

Phoebe: Good question. BitUniverse team members are mostly from top Internet companies. And we secured sufficient investment from top investment organizations at the start of our founding. What we aspire after is to making our Internet ideals come true in the realm of finance. When we have the best product, other things will follow. As for security, my answers are listed hereunder:

Before creating BitUniverse, our team was responsible for security products in KingSoft and Cheetah Mobile. We have deep consciousness on the importance of security and know-how. I wan involved in financing and investing also. I chose to work with two best security teams SlowMist and PeckShield.

We secured investment with total volume of 10 Million USD from top investment organizations like Gaorong Capital, Shunwei Capital and Zhengge Fund. This is nothing comparable in the Blockchain business. Most of BitUniverse team members are R&D personnel. BitUniverse App 100% replies on Words of Mouth, saving us the marketing expenditure. So we are well funded to develop the very best product.

Jay Ranchi(Crypto Hodler): How iUSD will be backed?

Jesper: iUSD is developed based on IOST mainnet. We worked with Rate 3 on releasing this stable coin. This will make IOST more accessable

CryptoBob: Hi @Jesper1900, Appreciate your time. What would say gives IOST an edge against competitors in the market today?

Jesper: Haha, as you can see IOST is becoming the 4th biggest public chain after ETH, EOS and TRN. We have enough DApps on the mainnet with enough active users. We have developers in communities who are contributing to IOST. WE are working with corporates like AWS etc on B2B business by using blockchain technology

IOST DApps are available on DAppRadar now, come and experience IOST DApps 🙂 https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/iost

Roy: To phoebe, how BU facing dex (decentralized exchange)? Big exchange like Binance is moving to dex platform as well

Phoebe: Thanks Roy. BitUniverse independently develops and initiatively applies Grid trading bot in cryptocurrencies. Within three months after the bot coming online, it has helped users earn more than 3 million USD. BitUniverse is an app integrating market data, auto portfolio and grid trading. Within 1 year after the release of the App, the number of downloads exceeds 1 million. The App has supported more than 200 exchanges, 6000 tokens and 10 exchanges for Grid trading bot.

BitUniverse now support 10 exchanges for the trading bot: Binance/Bittrex/Poloniex/Huobi/KuCoin/Okex/FCoin/Indodax/Bitmax/gate. For the dex, we are still in the pace.

Tiago: do you have some templates for the grid bot? it would be cool to copy trading from experience users

Phoebe: Thanks Tiago, good question. With all the advantages and benefits of Grid Trading, however, not so many users were capable of running Grid Trading in the beginning as most users did not know how to do it. They did not know what trading pairs to choose, how to set the highest and lowest prices, how many grids are needed. So basically, we did one-to-one teaching for quite a while.

Gradually, we developed some new functions like “Copytrade” to provide references for users when choosing appropriate trading pairs for Grid Trading. By using BitUniverse “AI Strategy”, it helps users by providing the suggestion on optimal price range based on historic breakdown of data in the last 7 days.

Thank you for reading through. Remember to vote for our node IOST Watch