IOST has shown continuous improvement in the CCID Global Ranking with its latest ranking placing IOST at 3rd one step higher than its previous ranking in the latest China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute (CCID Research Institute).

The release is a comprehensive consideration and ranking of 37 global well-known public chains from the technical dimension. IOST replaced TRON in the 3rd position with EOS and ETH still the top two cryptocurrency according to the Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index.

Full Assessment Index

 The ranking model for each project is based on three main aspects which are: Basic Technology, Applicability and Innovation/Creativity.

IOST still tops the basic technology list with 111.9 points with EOS 105.4 points and TRON 87.3 points ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively. Basic Technology is based on each project’s features, performance, safety, and decentralization.

Applicability is based on Node Deployment, Wallet Application, Development Support, and Application Implementation. IOST has 20.3 points while the top 3 projects in that list are ETH with 29.8 points, TRON with 28.4 points, and Nebulas edging NEO to the third position with 27.8 points.

IOST’s creativity is still very poor with just 2.8 points compared to the top creative projects BTC with 43 points, ETH with 30.3 points, Lisk, and Litecoin shared the 3rd position with 23.4 points. Creativity is checked in terms of the project’s innovation based on Developer’s Scale, Code Influence, and Code Update.

CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation has been implemented since the beginning of 2018. It is organized and implemented by CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute. CCID Think Tank Informatization and Software Industry Research Institute, CCID Think Tank Network Security Research Institute, China Software Evaluation Center, “Cyberspace Security” magazine, etc. participated in the evaluation results every two months.