IOST Endless Games Dividend Clarified

Crypto space went wild yesterday after the launch of the much await decentralized gaming application on the newly launched IOST mainnet. This latest development saw a surge of users and players trooping to play the game and enjoy the much talk about scalability of IOST Blockchain.

The new game tagged DICE was developed by Endless Games which has an already established version of the game on the EOS Blockchain. Within 24hrs of launch, the game saw a magnificent pull of users making it the top three dapp among other DAPPs from EOS, ETH & TRON Blockchain based on transaction volume according to dapp review.

Clarity to the Dividend Model

The game looks all set and good until some players of the game brought issues regarding the distribution of dividend to the community. According to them the dividend they received looks low and wasn’t expected with Endless Games being the first gaming DAPP on IOST. They insisted that they wanted something more than the 10% received the previous day. This issue was voiced both on IOST Telegram community and Endless Games Telegram community and also on other DApp gaming community.

After much discussions, this is to bring to notice that the Endless Games team has looked into the matter and reviewed the issue stating that the previous model was implemented to ensure the users enjoy a long-term benefit and also to stabilize fluctuations of price. The team has however reviewed the model and decided to increase the percentage of daily dividend distributed to 80%.

Here are the full details of the announcement:

To community,

Since the launch of Endless Dice on IOST yesterday, we are excited to see lots of users has come and play. However, we noticed the issue that has been brought up by the community about the percentage of daily dividend being distributed. We apologize if this caused any misunderstanding or unpleasant experience to any of our users.

40% of our daily profit is distributed in dividend pool. In order to ensure the long-term benefit of our users and to stabilize fluctuations, the daily payout was set at 10%. After carefully considered about this, we decided to increase the percentage of daily dividend distributed to 80%. Please contact us if you have any questions, and thanks for the support.

To know more about dividend distribution kindly contact the Endless Game Team on Telegram or through the various reach out medium on their website.

Endless Games Telegram: