According to statistics by an independent research platform that tracks and reports all digital asset staking rewards & dividends, IOST token ranked first as the most rewarding asset to stake.

Information released on based on staking yield, complexity and risk level, IOST gathered a score of 96.25% to beat its closest rival Decred and Komodo which has 90.75% and 88.00% score respectively.

Other notable tokens whose data are also presented are Tron (TRX) ranked 14th with 82.50% score, IoTeX at 6th position and Cosmos at 8th position. Surprisingly EOS is at 58th position with a score of 60.50%.

IOST Blockchain has a better rewarding staking system, with its staking system IOST stands tall above other networks with a yearly staking yield of 15.27% and monthly staking yield of 1.27%.

Since its mainnet went live on February 25, 2019, IOST Producer node has increased to 297 nodes with 123 nodes eligible to receive rewards.

A detailed statistics of IOST Blockchain by Staking Rewards can be found in this link

Despite the fact that IOST mainnet is just over few months old, its ecosystem has steadily grown higher than its big competitors, such as Ethereum, EOS, and Tron in the comparative period after the launch of their mainnet.

IOST has processed 62 million transactions and achieved a block height of 19 million. The network also boasts to have the one of its Dapp (Endless Games) among top 3 to have highest 24hrs users according to, Dapp Review, and DappRadar.

This proves the strong progress made by IOST which in itself signals the growing adoption of IOST ideology.