IOST released version 3.2.0 of their fast and popular blockchain and ecosystem. With mainnet launch only 5 months ago, IOST has completed more than 90M transactions, launched over 25 tokens and 200 smart contracts.

Download the source code here:

So, what changed in v3.2.0?

  • Optimize the snapshot function, new nodes can quickly synchronize the blockchain data.
  • Reorganized code in the common module, specifically code that converts bytes to integers, integers to bytes, floats to bytes, and bytes to floats. Covers both 32bit and 64bit integers.
  • RPC increases the number of query contract votes.
  • Reorganized the RPC code.
  • Fixed the bug that caused high CPU usage.
  • Smart Contracts must have the .iost extension or start with the word Contract.

Who contributed?

Many thanks to the IOST developers who worked on this release.

Learn More About Developing on IOST

The frontend IOST software development kits allows blockchain integration almost anywhere and on any device with the JavaScript SDK, GoLang SDK, Python SDK, or Java SDK. HTTP API and gRPC too. Works with Quasar, VueJS, React, and other frontend frameworks.

The IOST backend consists of iServer for the blockchain, utilities, and additional server side support for multiple platforms, ranging from Kubernetes clusters to Docker, Amazon AWS, and Bootstrap. The all-in-one approach to building a full development environment, this one program installs all the tools you need by building a local node running iServer, compiles the IOST iWallet CLI, installs JavaScript SDK, JavaScript iWallet Browser Extension, NodeJS, npm/yarn, Go Lang, and more.