Internet of Service Token (IOST) has released a version upgrade, the previous version v3.2.0 is now upgraded to v3.3.0.

The new version which was released yesterday 20th September 2019 will hard fork next week Thursday at block 38,500,000

Changes in v3.3.0

  • Rich SDK API extension (GetBatchStorageContract, GetRamInfo, GetTokenInfo)
  • Deletion of Bytes to Float64 function
  • Default P2P connection timeout
  • Code Optimizations
  • Require Auth with Signers
  • Improve Tests
  • GoLint fixes
  • Nilpointer exception handling

For more details about the upgrade check

Learn More About Developing on IOST

The frontend IOST software development kits allows blockchain integration almost anywhere and on any device with the JavaScript SDKGoLang SDKPython SDK, or Java SDKHTTP API and gRPC too. Works with Quasar, VueJS, React, and other frontend frameworks.

The IOST backend consists of iServer for the blockchain, utilities, and additional server side support for multiple platforms, ranging from Kubernetes clusters to Docker, Amazon AWS, and Bootstrap. The all-in-one approach to building a full development environment, this one program installs all the tools you need by building a local node running iServer, compiles the IOST iWallet CLI, installs JavaScript SDK, JavaScript iWallet Browser Extension, NodeJS, npm/yarn, Go Lang, and more.