IOST Watch – IOST’s Newest Partner Node

CONTACT: Jim O'Quinn
April 20, 2019
[email protected] 512-337-9773

• Announcing IOST’s Newest Partner Node: IOST Watch
• IOST Watch produces education, news, and developer tools
• Many articles and tools have already been produced


The newest partner, IOST Watch, is already helping IOST propel forward by raising awareness and producing simple-to-use tools to help developers become productive with dApp development as quickly as possible.

The three-person team consists of 25-year tech veteran Jim O’Quinn from Texas, Computer Engineering graduate Oladayo Oladipupo from Nigeria and Princeton University graduate Carlota García.

“Our plan is to continue to deliver news, education, and developer tools relevant to the IOST ecosystem,” said Mr. O’Quinn. “We know Windows is one of the most popular operating systems, yet there was no wallet so our first release was a Windows 64bit IOST iWallet compiled from the IOST source.” Targeting both developers and end users, the team will continue to publish on its news channel, IOST Weekly Digest.

Mr. Oladipupo reports, “We have several news channels, but the IOST Weekly Digest reports the highlights of the IOST ecosystem such as Jimmy Zhong’s AMA’s on Telegram, new IOST Partners, and dApps.  We are and will continue to be active members of the IOST community.”

Garcia asserts that there are, “hundreds of thousands of people who cannot participate in the traditional finance system and are vulnerable to predatory payday lenders and title loan companies.  Combining IOST with lending and borrowing systems has the potential to change the game.”

Says Oladipupo, “Several community benefits are lined up during the next couple weeks.  We believe these will be key to introducing new individuals to IOST.”

Partner Nodes need 2.1 Million votes before quarterly distributions can commence.  Review our VOTING GUIDE or contact Mr. O’Quinn at [email protected] for additional assistance.