IOST Watch was founded by Oladayo Oladipupo and Jim O’Quinn at the start of Q2 2019 with Carlota Garcia joining soon afterwards.  Dayo is based in Nigeria and both Jim and Carlota are based in the United States.

We produce the Weekly Digest, which summarizes activities that involve IOST, and provide direct links to the articles, videos, and guides. In addition we provide transcripts from the Ask Me Anything series by Jimmy, Terry, Mi and others.  

Technical contributions include a 64bit Windows CLI (Command Line Interface) version of the iWallet from official IOST sources.  In addition, we created the IOST Bootstrap command that will build a complete IOST development environment. It will run in OS containers like LXD/LXC, Docker or in a full VM.  It will download and compile the latest IOST blockchain code, build iWallet, iServer, iTest, the JavaScript SDK, example JavaScript blockchian code, example JavaScript dApp code, and the Go SDK.  From the ascii menu it can start/stop the local node, install/uninstall the entire dev kit, test the installation, and test dApp code against the local node.

We’ve attended Austin Blockchain Collective meetups where we introduced IOST to 30+ blockchain devs from companies like Hyperledger, Wanchain, and Factom.  We’ve had coding sessions with Jason Stallings from Blockarcade and other IOST fans.

We distributed 200 tockenpocket accounts to new IOST users, solved issues for new users on the international Telegram channel, discovered bugs in the IOST source code, helped on board new developers.

Q3 2019

In Q3 2019 we would like to combine forces with a servinode where our combined efforts would place us in Tier 1.  In addition, we will continue to produce our excellent original content with a focus on interviews, including partner nodes and servinodes, plus shift to video production.

We believe there are significant barriers to adoption affecting new users and developers.  We will fact find with the goal of discovering and validating these issues then work with the Foundation or other nodes and community members to solve these problems.  

Lastly, we will continue to grow our community around Twitter and Telegram, ask those who complain about the price to chill out, and continue to HOLD.