After gaining recognition within the IOST community as one of the top sources for information, news and tutorials in relation to IOST, our contributions were rewarded with a Tier 1 ranking in the outgone Q3 Reward result by the IOST Foundation.

Here is a summary of our contribution to IOST community in Q3 between 1st July 2019 – 30th September 2019.
As a content-focused node we submitted our report under the Content Creation and Promotion Category of which our contributions include:

  • Published 32 articles which included our Weekly IOST Watch Digest, Interviews, IOST Wallet Series and other IOST related news.
  • Increased interaction with our website with over 10,000 page views, up to 3,000 unique visitors and an average page of 2.78 viewed with users across the world.
  • Joined Austin Community as a core member to educate users on Blockchain Technology.
  • Did giveaway of 10,000 IOST in total rewarding users based on their knowledge of information on IOST.
  • Increased interaction on twitter with over 2.2million impressions on our various tweets within the quarter.
  • Created an alliance with other western nodes to form IOST Global Alliance (IGA) which is focused on improving IOST representation/presence in the western world among other things.

Going forward we hope to continue the same feat and contribute even more to develop IOST ecosystem. Our plans for Q4 and beyond are as follows:

  • Continued update of development on IOST through IOST Weekly Digest.
  • More concentration on visual content(graphics and video).
  • Proposed IOST knowledge base page to improve user’s basic knowledge on IOST.
  • Interviews with nodes and individuals.
  • More giveaways to reward community members with good knowledge of IOST.
  • Improved interaction on twitter and other social media outlets.
  • Further contributions to improve IOST presence along with other nodes.

Update: Our news and articles are now available on Google search news section and also the information section on TokenPocket.

Finally, as a community-driven node, we are open to suggestions by community members on how to improve our services and interaction kindly reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram.