Quick peep into the week of 25th March 2019: New Dapps, Increased transactions, Wallet creation surge, AMA, and more!

The IOST public blockchain has been growing rapidly since the mainnet launch.
It is expedient to educate and keep the community informed with the latest information to help.
Every week IOST Watch will release a summary of the most exciting and impactful news (Dapps, Educational Videos, Tools, Tutorials, Events).

  • 16 million transactions first month after mainnet launch | Link
  • [AMA] Jimmy Zhong “Ask Me Anything session” this week — ModZic | Link
  • 60,000+ accounts created IOST wallets | Link
  • [Dapp] Cell Evolution, first sandbox game built on IOST | Link
  • [Dapp] IOST Bid now Live | Link
  • [Dapp] Casual Gaming Dapp Has Launched- IOST Joy Snake | Link
  • [Exchange Pair] IOST/XRP is now live on Bitrue | Link
  • IOST Cup — CryptoDerby | Link
  • How to Vote and claim Rewards on IOST Voter Dapp | Link
  • How to swap ERC-20 IOST token — ModZic | Link
  • iWallet Command Line Wallet Tool — Jim O’Quinn | Link
  • Cobo Wallet upgraded, node implementation now upgraded | Link
  • IOST and how it competes with other ETH & EOS — CryptoStache | Link
  • Reward Rules for IOST Node | Link
  • IOST Vote Reward Calculator by Leobi IOST partner | Link
  • DappReview Adds Exclusive IOST Section | Link
  • TokenPocket Now Supports IOST DApps Access and Node Voting | Link
  • Unlimited Tower collaborating with IOST | Link
  • How to Vote on iostabc with iWallet — Everstake | Link
  • Play BetHash using IOST iWallet — BetHash | Link
  • IOST competitors nd Differentiators — Sulter Ventures | Link
  • [Video] Step by Step tutorial on playing Endless Game | Link
  • [Video] Add Gas to IOST iWallet | Link
  • [Video] Play IOST Dapp on TokenPocket | Link
  • [Video] IOST mainnet voting tutorial — CryptoStache | Link
  • [Video] IOST voting reward & playing Endless games Dapp — Bitboy_hodl | Link