Quick Peep into the week of May 27, 2019: IOST becomes Institute of Blockchain partner, IOST Play Officially on OnBlock, First Simulation game on IOST launches in June, Auctions on IOSTLand Open and much more!

  • IOST become part of the learning curriculum with a govt-accredited Blockchain Education Institute | Link
  • IOST Watch starts Developer Ecosystem | Link
  • ICAC community’s exclusive interview with Metanyx | Link
  • IOST Bi-Weekly Dapps Report | Link
  • CrytoNinja now available on OnBlock Games | Link
  • HorseSaga launches on IOST | Link
  • AtticLab Telegram Everstake bot Update | Link
  • 28,000 IOST still up for grabs in CoinGecko IOST giveaway | Link
  • IOST Explorer updated on CoinGecko website | Link
  • NeoWorld IOST Land auction now open with 50,000 IOST giveaway | Link
  • Get Ready for a Blast, Explosive Bomb now Live on IOST | Link
  • [Video] The IOSTPodcast 11 | Link
  • [Video] An important look at the education partnership by CryptoStache | Link
  • First IOST simulation game, Crypto War is launching in June! | Link
  • IOST Play completes integration, launches on OnBlock Games | Link

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