Quick peep into the week of 22nd July, 2019: IOST welcomes more staking pool, OnBlock Staking Pool increases days after launch, IOST listed on Bit-Z, Onblock reveals detailed plans in an interview, Q2 reward schedule and much more!

  • IOST Q2 reward schedule | Link
  • Prophet to bring decentralized finance applications on IOST zs it Partners with IOST | Link
  • IOST Node Showcase | Link
  • IOST Japan held Blockchain community event in Osaka | Link
  • OnBlock staking pool increases above 50 million in 5days | Link
  • OnBlock revealed future plans and innovations for IOST in an interview | Link
  • IOST partners with Infinto Wallet | Link
  • Paradigm Fund Bi-Weekly Update | Link

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  • Bit-Z releases IOST/USDT trading pair on its exchange | Link
  • TopDapp releases exclusive section for IOST Dapp | Link
  • Sanka Network by HashHub launches IOST staking pool | Link
  • IOST partners with SlowMist to provide world-class security | Link
  • Stir launches IOST Staking Pool | Link
  • Sticky Goo now Live on IOST | Link
  • IOST Toronto gives 50% slash ticket on upcoming Blockchain conference in Canada | Link
  • Energy Token coming over to IOST soon | Link
  • [Video] IOST Podcast #19 | Link

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