Quick peep into the week of 29th July, 2019: IOST releases new Roadmap, Bermi to bring over a million users to IOST, Team behind Berminal EMOGI revealed, IOST Watch Giveaway and much more!

  • Bermi to bring its over a million users to IOST | Link
  • IOSTABC opens its API for developers | Link
  • Investors behind EMOGI revealed | Link
  • Grimm’s Antiques to realize enterprise blockchain use case in artwork traceability | Link
  • Bermi Issues IRC-20 token on IOST | Link
  • IOST network exceeds 90 million transactions | Link
  • IOST Bi-Weekly Report | Link
  • IOST Watch Wallet Series 1 | Link
  • IOST Dapp Incentive Project by TokenPocket | Link
  • Infinito AMA with IOST Marketing Director | Link
  • How to buy up from startup on Boom Starter | Link

IOST is now available on Blocktivity you can check it out on https://blocktivity.info

  • IOST V3.2.0 Update | Link
  • IOST Dapp Ranking | Link
  • IOST Watch Giveaway | Link
  • iTRX support Live on Blockarcade | Link
  • Paradigm Fund detailed review of IOST | Link
  • Get free IOST on Inside IOST website | Link
  • IOST putting Antiques on Blockchain | Link
  • IOST Best Q2 report | Link
  • [Video] The IOST Podcast #20 | Link
  • [Video] Inside IOST Podcast | Link

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