Quick peep into the week of 19th August 2019: Ray Xiao in-depth interview on EMOGI, IOST QED interview, Exchanges to trade EMOGI (LOL), IOST Dapp Ranking, ICAC Q3 contribution guidance and much more!

  • [Video] In-depth interview by 8BTC with Ray Xiao and Terrance Wang | Link
  • Paradigm Fund Bi_weekly IOST Report | Link
  • Kucoin Supports EMOGI Genesis Airdrop | Link
  • Exchange Site to Trade EMOGI(LOL) token | Link
  • ICAC Q3 contribution guidance for IOST Node Partners | Link
  • IOST QED discusses why IOST is the best for Blockchain Dapp Developers | Link
  • ICAC interview with IOST QED | Link
  • IOST Node Showcase | Link
  • IOST Dapp Ranking | Link
  • Blockarcade partners with Metanyx | Link
  • Herorats Special Event Reward | Link
  • Media Coverage of IOST partnership with Boomstarter | Link
  • IOST partners IMDA to strengthen strategic government ties | Link
  • First MMORPG game Crypto Sanguo to be released on IOST | Link
  • FishChain Weekly | Link
  • [Video] IOST Podcast #22 | Link
  • [Video] Dimitry’s Desk | Link

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