Quick peep into the week of 16th September 2019: IOST releases version 3.3.0, Metanyx releases IOST Analytics powered by GraphQL, Cold Wallet finally available on IOST, Boomstarter offers IOST-based crowdfunding and much more!

  • IOST Q3 node report schedule released | Link
  • IOST first cold wallet launched | LInk
  • IOST Analytics powered by GraphQL released by Metanyx | Link
  • IOST v3.3.0 update | Link
  • IOST Bi-weekly Update by Paradigm Fund | Link
  • IOST partner JustCo to debut IOST LaunchPad | Link
  • 5 PoS coin to purchase in September | Link
  • BoomStarter offers IOST-based crowdfunding | Link
  • IOST recorded upgrade rating on TokenInsight | Link
  • Eternal Fafnir a new role-playing game developed by INFUN coming to IOST in October | Link
  • IOSTFish 2nd breeding competition | Link
  • Vote IOST Global Alliance Node on EMOGI Network | Link
  • IOST Watch crossword Puzzle | Link
  • EMOGI giveaway | Link
  • [Video] Layer #1 Podcast | Link
  • [Video] Interview with IOSTBEST Node: is it profitable to be a block producer | Link
  • [Video] What LOL is all about | Link

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