Quick peep into the week of 23rd September 2019: IOST reaches a new milestone, 1st e-commerce integration on IOST unveiled, IOST completes Buyback for Q3, IGA 1st official meeting details and much more!

  • IOST reaches new token and smart contract developed milestone | Link
  • ICAC interview with BlockDev Asia | Link
  • First IOST e-commerce integration IOSTPay unveiled | Link
  • IOST Bi-Weekly Report | Link
  • Dapp Bi-Weekly Report | Link
  • Join Eternal Fafnir Sales | Link
  • IGA first official meeting details | Link
  • Crypto Stache interviewed Terrance Wang on IOST Scalability, Partnerships, Interoperability, and more | Link
  • IOST Unveils incubation LaunchPad program | Link
  • Buyback Program completed for Q3 | Link
  • Insight on IOST project by TokenInsight | Link
  • Attractive Prizes await solving interoperability on IOST | Link
  • IOST surprise EMOGI airdrop | Link
  • Boom Starter network crowdfunding campaign details | Link
  • Onblock open for BERM swap to LOL | Link
  • [Video] How to swap your BERM to LOL | Link
  • [Video] Layer 1 Podcast #2 | Link
  • [Video] Crypto Sanguo review by Crypto Stache | Link

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