Quick peep into the week of 14th October 2019: Q3 initial result out, IGA proposes improvement initiative, IOST exceeds 500 smart contract milestone and much more!

  • Total smart contracts on IOST exceeds 500 | Link
  • IGA unveils “Improvement Initiatives” & Governance Model | Link
  • Initial Results for IOST Q3 Contribution Rankings & Rewards | Link
  • IOST Watch, Metanyx, Sulter Ventures among others that made Q3 Tier 1 ranking | Link
  • IOST Node Show Case | Link
  • Dapp Bi-Weekly Report | Link
  • BoomStarter Network raises 15,000 USDT bounty to raise crowdfunding awareness | Link
  • Where (Exchanges) to stake and earn | Link
  • IOST Bi-Weekly Update by Paradigm Fund | Link
  • Long Term IOST EMOGI Airdrop delivered | Link
  • What is Crowdfunding and How it works by Boomstarter | Link
  • IOST Node BEST participated in Blockchain Life 2019 conference | Link
  • Get free IOST by participating in DappOnline.io promotion | Link
  • Layer 1 Podcast now available on Spotify | Link
  • [Video] Layer 1 Podcast: Interview with Lawrence Lim IOST Business Development Lead | Link

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