Quick peep into the week of 2nd December 2019: IOST Blockheight breaks 50million, Fish n’ Chips records 30 million IOST contract balance, IOSTMON monitoring tool for nodes developed by Attic Lab and much more!

  • Guppy’s Fish n’ Chips Dapp records 30 million IOST contract balance | Link
  • IOST surpasses 50 million block height | Link
  • IOSTMON, a monitoring tool for nodes developed by Attic Lab | Link
  • Official Release: IOST partnership details with TROY | Link
  • BISS Exchange official Release | Link
  • IOST Bi-Weekly Report | Link
  • IOST Singapore Showcase | Link
  • IOST enters a partnership with TROY | Link
  • How to register an IOST account for new User | Link
  • Free IOST account using Huobi Wallet | Link

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  • Terry Wang shares insight at Sanya Summit | Link
  • Blockchain evolution in finances – DeFi explained | Link
  • Is IOST A Good Investment? In-depth Analysis and Near to Longer-Term Expectations | Link
  • Guppy IOST self contracting Dapp | Link
  • IOST partners with GUILD | Link
  • IOST wallet to be integrated to Netbox | Link
  • Why Crowd Funding matters | Link
  • IOST now available on VCC exchange | Link
  • IOSTVegas New UI Giveaway | Link
  • METX special distribution for voters | Link
  • [Video] Layer 1 Podcast | Link

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