Quick peep into the week of 3rd February, 2020: BISS Exchange Closing Service, Jetstream Wallet Launched, IOST Global Partner Node Summary and much more!

  • Jetstream Chrome Extension Wallet | Link
  • BISS Exchange closing service | Link
  • IOST 4th Global Partner Nodes Meeting Summary | Link
  • IOST and KLAY Dapp Chrome Extension Launched | Link
  • IOST exceeds 200 million network transaction | Link
  • Comparison Series: How IOST fares against Ethereum | Link
  • How to vote for IOST nodes in a decentralized fashion | Link
  • IOST Europe Expansion in Switzerland | Link
  • IOST Foundation Push for European Expansion with ditCraft and Vault Wines Alliance | Link
  • This Week in BlockFolio Signal | Link
  • IOST BEST Node Q4 report Summary | Link
  • [Video] BISS Exchange Shutting Down, other Options to move your IOST | Link

Kindly move your IOST and other crypto coins away from BISS exchange as soon as possible. Their exchange service is shutting down soon.

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