Quick peep into the week of 10th February, 2020: IOST reach new partnership agreement, AIOU’s Charity Information Disclosure Platform Officially Launched, BISS & Endless close down and much more!

  • ROAD and IOST reached an agreement on development of the Internet of Vehicles | Link
  • INTChain cooperates with IOST to promote the application of IoT | Link
  • AIOU’s Charity Information Disclosure Platform Officially Launched | Link
  • IOST partners Suterusu to provide Layer 2 privacy protection | Link
  • IOST Comparison Series: IOST and EOS | Link
  • IOST Bi-Weekly Report | Link
  • IOST Bi-Weekly Report by Paradigm Fund | Link
  • BISS close down extended till 20th February | Link
  • Endless Game Dapp to close down | Link
  • Jetstream wallet extension launched Jetstream vote | Link
  • How to vote for IOST nodes using Jetstream | Link
  • IOST Moon Dapp prelaunch | Link
  • IOST staking guide via iWallet | Link
  • OKEx Double Staking Yield Promo | Link

Kindly move your IOST and other crypto coins away from BISS exchange as soon as possible. Their exchange service is shutting down soon.

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