Quick peep into the week of 14th April, 2020: CCID ranks IOST #5 globally, Terry Wang discusses IOST development on AMA, IOST releases IOST Plan X, IOST NFT token standard unveiled and much more!

Last week, Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released the 17th CCID Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, comprehensively assessing and ranking 37 well-known public blockchain projects in the world. The ranking placed IOST one spot above its previous to 5th position.
Read up the full details here

IOST CTO Terry Wang participated in an interesting AMA on IOST Telegram group where he discussed IOST Q2 roadmap, IOST strives to be among the top 4 recognized public blockchain. He also talked about IOST negotiation with BSN, development of NTFs token among other things.
Full AMA recap here

IOST released IOST Plan X, IOST Plan X is a new bounty program developed to bring in ideas on tools, developments, dapps e.t.c that can further help the IOST Blockchain. Also, community members can submit their dream blockchain tools, dapp, needs that they will like to see on IOST blockchain.
You can submit your applications here

Recently, IRC-721 token was officially unveiled. The new token standard is released to help foster the development of NFT standard tokens on IOST Blockchain.
Read more about IOST IRC-721 NFT token standard here

Other Updates

  • IOST Mainnet v3.3.3 Update | Link
  • Bithumb to launch staking as a service with IOST as first coin | Link
  • IOST Node Show Case | Link
  • ViewToken Wallet Supports IOST | Link
  • BTC Manager Joins IOST as partner Node | Link
  • Binance Savings adds IOST to Flexible Deposit | Link
  • Weekly Update Recap by Everstake | Link
  • Bi-Weekly Update by Paradigm Fund | Link
  • Sneak Peak of Blockarcade’s CryptoRun Dapp | Link
  • otbTRADE treasure hunt Clue | Link

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