New IOST Node Contribution Reward System Taking Effect From July 1st, 2020. With the new reward system, the contribution rewards that are based on the share of votes will be moved to the contribution rewards that are based on the contribution ranking to better compensate nodes who make significant contributions to the ecosystem.
IOST New Reward System>>

In a bid to promote the use of NFT assets and also to commemorate the IOST’s highly decentralized and high-performance mainnet ecosystem launch, IOST is starting a year-long NFT Collection event! This box includes but not limited to IOST candy, merchandising, physical prizes, staking votes, offline event tickets & more!
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IOST has inked an alliance with Japanese Medical Health Tech Venture “Pracs”. According to IOST the main goal of the alliance is to develop a secure, transparent, and tamper-proof on-chain medical record platform.
For more on the Alliance read here>>

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