CryptoStache broke down major network changes that are coming to the IOST blockchain. If you vote/stake your IOST for a node, or if you run a node on IOST, you NEED to understand how these changes will affect you!
Major New Changes>>

Powermine Unveils its 1st DeFi Project Uniswap, this new development is aimed at pushing IOST to the fore front in DeFi project development.
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With IOST circulating supply recently corrected by Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko and IOSTABC here are a detailed explanation by IOST Global Alliance IGA on how the corrected circulating supply figure was gotten.
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  • IOST Mainnet Update v3.3.4 | Link
  • Metanyx partners with IOST Foundation to deliver Consortium Chain technology to the UK and European markets | Link
  • IOST Allies with Tweebaa to Build a Value Social Ecosystem with Multi-Dimensional Values | Link
  • IOST & Media Company GameTea to Foster Blockchain Gaming with “Blockchain Gaming Entrepreneurs Camp” | Link
  • [Video] IOST DApps: otbTrade Staking Revealed | Link
  • [Video] Steps to apply for IOST NFT giveaway | Link

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