Quick Peep into the week of May 20, 2019: Terry Wang shares IOST development update in OceanTalk AMA, NEOWorld launches new DApp, IOST gets listed on OceanEx, IOST reaches New ATH TPS and much more!


  • IOST Reaches 968 TPS to Set its New All-Time High Transactions Per Second | Link
  • IOST Listed on OceanEx | Link
  • Binance Info’s V Label Project Report on IOST | Link
  • CTO Terry Wang Speaks on IOST Current Developments and Future Plans in OceanEx AMA | Link
  • ICAC Community Interview with BitBoy | Link
  • IOST Bi-Weekly report | Link
  • Leibi Pool Now Live on IOST | Link
  • ICAC Interview with IOSTABC | Link
  • 28,000 IOST Giveaway by IOST and Coineko | Link
  • Jimmy Zhong Talks about the Future of Gaming Dapp | Link
  • IOST Welcome XPET | Link
  • Check Unclaim IOST Reward with Attic Lab Everstake bot | Link
  • [Video] IOST Podcast #10 | Link
  • [Video] Crushing ETH, TRX & EOS | Link
  • NEO World Launches New DApp IOSTLand | Link
  • IOST Review | Link

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