Update: April 29th – Version 3.1.0 will be a hard fork.  The developers will be adding a fork framework to the IOST blockchain code and will update the VM to improve stability.

As of today, there won’t be any changes to the ABI in v3.1.0.  

April 21st – Is IOST release v3.1.0 a hard fork?  No official announcement yet, but we see the first indications that it will be a hard fork. 

What will be included in v3.1.0?  No official announcement here either (and we want to be clear that all of this is subject to change), but to date we see changes to the Application Programming Interface (API) and Application Binary Interface (ABI), a new API feature was added, and lots of changes around the block header.

    • API and ABI changes – SelfAuth() added
    • API change – GetTokenBalance() over Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    • New Rules structure stored with each block

API and ABI – SelfAuth()
Not yet sure what these changes are about, but it appears these are changes to the ABI and API around authentication.  We’ll update this here as soon as more information is available.

API GetTokenBalance()
New API function GetTokenBalance() was added and currently the call is structured like this:

GetTokenBalance (account string, token string)

Pass in the account and token and it’ll return the balance.  If this remains in the v3.1.0 release we expect to see updates to the Software Development Kits (SDKs) as the release date for v3.1.0 approaches.

IOST Release v3.1.0

There are a number of updates to the code that deal with changes to the data structure around the header on each block.

As more information is available we’ll update this post.

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