Version 0.2.1 of the iWallet Chrome Extension now has support for multiple IOST tokens. The new version can be found in the Chrome Extension Store: Once installed you’ll find that some tokes are listed by default and others will need to be added via the Add Token feature.

iWallet Chrome Extension Token Support
iWallet Chrome Extension Token Support

Adding Tokens

Visit IOSTABC to get a list of the tokens and those tokens with less than 20 holders could be a new token, but is likely a test token or a dead token.

Click the + sign near the Add Token (red arrow in the screen shot below) and type in the name of the token.

iWallet Chrome Extension - Add Token
iWallet Chrome Extension – Add Token

Here is a list of tokens on the IOST blockchain as of August 12th, 2019.

TokenFull nameHolders
iplayiPLAY Token5,729
iostjoyJoy Token for Gamejoy2,633
vostIOST Anchor Token1,797
tixBlockArcade Tickets1,242
abctIOSTABC Token768
itrxiPLAY TRX pegged token668
winIOST WIN Token421
mangoToken for Mango309
iabcABC Token198
metxMetanyx Token162
ietEndless Token62
icoinIOST Vegas Coin31

Trading IOST Tokens

You decided to load up on these new tokens and now you want to trade them. But where? On the IOST-DEX, of course.

Install the iWallet Chrome Extension, import your private key, and confirm the extension is enabled. This will allow the IOST-DEX to read your IOST token wallets and you can trade right from your browser. To be clear, IOST-DEX cannot automatically withdraw from your wallet. It can only withdraw from your wallet when you initiate the transfer.

iWallet Chrome Extension - New Token Support
iWallet Chrome Extension – New Token Support