iWallet - Windows 64bit CLI

Part of our mission is to provide one click tools for the IOST ecosystem, be it a node install, compiling a dApp, or using a native wallet.  In keeping with that mission we have released a Windows 64bit version of the IOST iWallet command line interface.  This wallet is compiled directly from the IOST source code on github using Linux’s cross compiler tools.

Currently it is the most feature rich wallet for IOST and is very well documented.  We realize this is a command line interface and not for everyone, plus we expect the native GUI wallets to be arriving soon.  But until then,  your Windows machine will be a little less lonely in the IOST word by downloading at the link below.

Tested on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

Not comfortable downloading an executable?  We don’t blame you, so we’ll be providing a single bash script that will download the IOST source code directly from github, plus additional dependencies, and build the iWallet on your system.