In what looks like the biggest news of the week, OK Pool (a mining service under the famous OKEx group) joined the IOST Blockchain as a partner node. The announcement was made yesterday on IOST’s Twitter account.

Since the partnership was announced, IOST prices surged by about 15%.

The partnership is aimed at increasing IOST possession while also supporting IOST ecosystem construction in aspects like node services and community building.  It will also assist the development of IOST Blockchain in the Proof of Stake (PoS) domain.
This demonstrates a vote of confidence in IOST from one of the top mining pools in the Blockchain ecosystem with Huobi Pool already in partnership with IOST.  OK Pool has also added an extra 50 million IOST tokens to its existing IOST holdings.

ok pool joins IOST partner node program

As a partner node, OK Pool is committed to contributing to IOST using its rich experiences in on-chain governance and node operations. It works towards community engagement improvement and mainnet expansion, in exchange for user growth, lower risk and community consensus enhancement.

This partnership confirms IOST CTO Terry Wang’s statement in an AMA on Binance Korean Channel that said two of the world’s leading exchanges will provide IOST voting services, with one of them now confirmed as OK Pool (OKex exchange).

IOST is distributing many rewards to voters and nodes at Foundation level. We also encourage the IOST Holders to carry out the Staking. Holders can now receive many rewards through staking.
And IOST is discussing to add voting function with many exchanges. Two of the world’s largest exchanges will provide us with these features. Please expect a lot!

-Translation of IOST CTO, Terrance Wang quote during IOST AMA on Binance Korea channel

OK Pool is also expected to implement lock-up mining service and staking economy profit sharing.
More details on the partnership can be found here.

More exciting news is expected on IOST Blockchain in coming days as it continues the process of building a viable, strong ecosystem and community.