This is a quick guide for all IOST Blockchain community or other users who are new to playing games on a decentralized application like IOST.

I have seen IOST community members asking how to play the new Dice game on Endless Games. Since most members and users here are first-time users when it comes to Decentralized gaming platform like endless Games, I have decided to write a full explanation.

First, you need to have an IOST wallet before you can participate or play the DICE game. You can get your IOST wallet using Token Pocket mobile wallet iOS | Token Pocket mobile wallet AndroidEndless IOST wallet creator or on IOSTABC website.

After creating your wallet make sure you keep your private key safe.

Next, is to make sure you fund your wallet with enough IOST to play the game. Also, since IOST makes use of iRAM/iGAS remember to fund them as much as possible since they are a vital resource needed to play the game. In case you ran low on iRAM/iGAS you can get them through Token Pocket App (Android/iOS). Simply select the “Resource” button and you can delegate as much as needed iGAS/iRAM you need for your account or your friends’ account.

How to purchase iRAM/iGAS using Token Pocket App

You need at least 10 IOST to play the game.

To Play the game on Endless Games website

You need to play using Token Pocket App Dapp browser or using iWallet Google Chrome extension software installed on your Chrome browser to connect your wallet to the game. After installing the iWallet, refresh the page to login your IOST account. If you need to switch accounts, please switch the account in the wallet and refresh the page again.

This is how the interface of the game looks like

Endless Games IOST Dice game

Then adjust the slider for a desirable number to roll (This will also change payout and chance to win) your winning and payout chance is dependent on the number you select to roll on.

After that input the bet amount, click on the button ‘ROLL’ and approve the transaction request with iWallet or Token Pocket.

If the lucky number is smaller than the number you picked, the payout will be sent instantly to your wallet.

The auto bet feature is to automatically place bet roll on a fixed number then the after selecting the roll and approving the transaction request with iWallet or Token Pocket once the game automatically plays itself based on the input. You can stop it by unselecting the Autobet button.

After every game, regardless of the result (win or lose), you will be granted with IET rewards proportional to the amount of IOST you bet. The more IET you staked every hour, the more daily IOST dividend you will receive.

All these rules are written and will be executed by Endless Games smart contracts in order to ensure fairness. All the results are provably fair and can be verified on their website.