On April 30, 2019, the IOST Foundation increased the minimum required votes to become an elected Servi Node on the IOST Blockchain.

According to IOST Head Of International Markets Ben Waters, the votes requirement was increased “to streamline the on-boarding of Servi Nodes, enable the stability and progressive scaling of the IOST network as well as ensuring profitability of Servi Nodes from block production rewards.”

The minimum required votes, which was formerly 2.1 million IOST votes, is now 8 million IOST votes.

The new development is only for new Servi Node Producers who are just now preparing to get on board.  Already producing Servi Nodes below the new threshold (8 million) will not be affected as they will retain their position as Servi Nodes on the IOST Blockchain.

Also: this increase is applicable only to Servi Node Producers since Partner Nodes are not affected by the new vote threshold.

Read the full details here.