We had a cool chat with Ken (Sonata) one of the latest node to join IOST Node.
He explains his background, crypto experience and why he decided to join the program.

Hi Ken, so good to have you among IOST node partner. Can we know more about you Ken?

Sure. I am from Singapore, currently servicing in the IT domain in 1 of the local universities in Singapore. I actually come from a technical background and have been in the IT industry for about 12 years now. Been doing development and solutions for companies all these years. I have been in several IT sectors like Legislation, Aerospace, Publishers, Digital Media and now Education.

In fact, I have been an IOST supporter since day 1 when IOST was listed on Binance in 2018. I also started the current IOST price telegram group together with some of the follow pioneer supporters.

What was your first Blockchain/Crypto experience like?

My first experience was from buying my first crypto from Binance in 2017. It was quite an awesome feeling as that was my first time investing something that I am not familiar with. I did not even know what is blockchain or crypto real use case is. 

How did you get to know about IOST?

I came across IOST when it was first listed in Binance. I was impressed by their whitepaper and eventually purchased some of them during my trading period.

At one point you are more like pessimistic about IOST, what changed?

During the year 2018 bear period, I was indeed pessimist about crypto as the market goes in the wrong direction. To be honest, not really particular pessimistic about IOST, it’s more towards the overall market for not moving to the north. Being an average trader, nagging and wrong comments were made towards IOST when the market hit the long period of 2018 bear year. I sincerely apologize personally here for my ignorance.  

What made you decided to have a node on IOST?

After a long period as a trader with a much deeper understanding of IOST in terms of technology, teams, communities & objectives, I then decided to go into blockchain myself, learning the technical knowledge of IOST & blockchain and aim to develop dapps or solutions on top of IOST

How easy was it to onboard as a node for you?

To my surprise, onboarding as a node is pretty easy and straightforward. Especially with the help of the IOST team member. They even helped process my application during their holiday, really appreciate their efforts.

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What do you think about the future of IOST?

Personally I think there is a bright future of IOST, within a short time, IOST is already established as one of the big 4 for the public chain. I can see that there are more partners and developers joining IOST, thus in future more peoples will start to realize the real potential of IOST but this will take some time.

Where do you rank IOST?

I would expect IOST to lead in the race within the big 4 public chain in the future when peoples realized the transaction speed and the scalability level that IOST provides without compromising the security aspect. Especially security is a very important factor for any solution that is moving forward.

What are your plans with your node?

My plan is to have enough votes to become a Servi node eventually. I will work hard to further widen my IOST knowledge and develop dapps on IOST followed by a more real-world use case solution on IOST

Your message for other members that are still pessimistic about IOST?

My advice is that do not judge or conclude too early. A lot of things take efforts behind the scene to make it happens and everyone including the IOST teams & communities is working hard towards the same goal. Widen your perspective and look at things from a different angle, you will realize the great potential we are actually on.

What else do you want people to know about you and your new node?

A lot of my old IOST supporter friends that know me are quite surprised that I had decided to be a node partner and waiting for my real contribution to the IOST ecosystem, I can ensure you guys that know me that I am technically strong in developing real solution/dapps on top of IOST. I will let you guys see a different side of me soon.

Give me some time to prove myself and do hope to win the community votes too, your trust in Sonata make me stronger.
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