As we all know iPLAY has reached an agreement with TOPIA DApp (a gaming Dapp on TRON) to take over its operation. We had an interesting discussion with Topia’s spokesperson and he shed more light on the details. You can read the official press release here.

Can we know about Topia?
We formed in early January 2019. We are mostly comprised of actual dapp players who were mostly getting upset with the current lack of transparency and fairness in the space. That is when we decided to do something about it and create our own dapp and do our best to lead by example. We are all over the planet, literally.
US, UK, Paris, Japan, Singapore, Israel, Greece, and several other countries. Our team is spread far and wide. Our ultimate vision is to build the fairest, most stable, and most transparent blockchain gaming platform.

This means we plan to branch out to many blockchains in time. (Tron didn’t like that part, We’ve had many struggles in the early going, we like to say “we hit every tree branch on the way down the tree” because it is true. This has made us stronger though, and it has allowed us to build immense trust in the community.

So what exactly interest Topia about IOST that makes it decide its time for IOST?
Several reasons!!
1. IOST is one of the fastest blockchains. And our games rely heavily on speed, and efficient gas costs.
2. Relatively untapped market. IOST dapps will be on the rise in 2020 and we need to be at the forefront of this surge.
3. Foundational support. One of our biggest complaints regarding our time on TRON has been the complete lack of support from its foundation.
4. Amazing community.
5. We saw it as the natural evolutionary next step for TOPIA.

What was Topia relationship with iPlay?
We proposed the idea to them a couple of months back. We maintained friendly contact and over time the iPlay team saw the value in what we were proposing, and we were able to come to an agreement. Outside of that, we had no direct connection to iPlay.

Coming over to IOST in place of iPLAY are you just coming as a game platform or also taking over IPLAY node?
Mostly a game platform. We do see the benefits of operating a node on the IOST chain, and we do have ownership of the iPlay node, so we plan to operate that as well.

About Topia what are the games currently available on TOPIA?
On the TRON side we have:
Classic Dice
Ultimate Dice
LuckyOne Max
And Sportsbook
On the IOST side we have:
We plan to port Ultimate Dice, LuckyOne Max, and our Sportsbook over to the IOST side.
And then we plan to port Limbo, and Ring over to the TRON side.
We want to align our platforms with the same offerings.

Interesting. I did like to know about Sportsbook something like bookie right?
Yes, We offer on average 20,000 different sports betting opportunities daily… with the best odds of all dapp sportsbooks currently.

Now talking about security. One of the biggest issues with Blockchain Dapp is the issue of security. How secure is Topia for users?
Well, as mentioned we’ve hit every tree branch, which has allowed us to learn… and learn we did.
Topia on the Tron side is incredibly secure, every parameter is controlled and governed by our smart contracts, and we also utilize a commit and reveal system for all of our random number generators. This allows us to maintain an entirely on-chain, fair rolling experience, and remain secure, as we are primarily using current block hash as entropy for the randomness, and current block hash is not known until it has confirmed.

Hopefully, that wasn’t too technical 🙂

IOST currently operates with a hybrid on/offchain systems to remain secure. We plan to make changes to this, effectively eliminating the oracle and relying on the randomness of future block hashes on IOST.

To follow up with that question Dapp makes a lot of waves at entry level but tone down the energy as time goes on, hope TOPIA wouldn’t be like that and how are you looking to tackle this?
We have a plan to implement an entirely new mining infrastructure, and with this will come a token swap for current iPlay holders.
The new mining structure we are dubbing “Mining Seasons”, it is seasonal based, and it allows for us to reset dilution on a very consistent basis. This allows for new miners to always feel they haven’t “missed the boat”, can get in, and profit.

About iPlay swap can you explain in detail when this will happen and what iPlay holders have to do?
We have no exact date as of yet, but I can say we are actively working to implement this ASAP.

Current iPlay holders will only need to freeze the new tokens they will receive. I want to also stress that the current iPlay holders WILL receive better value in the new token than they currently are holding. We will make sure they are properly compensated.

What is TOPIA IOST equivalent coin name?
iTopia, but this does not mean this is the token that iPlay holders will receive.
Topia operates with a multi-token ecosystem.
The exact details will be released soon, but I stress again, iPlay holders will be happy 🙂
Ok I’ll give a little bit more info here.
We are going to swap them into iDiamonds.
Exact numbers are still being crunched 🙂 We want iDiamonds to be the premium token on IOST, we think it will bring great value.

Are there plans to list iTopia on IOSTDEX?
100% but we may hold off from initial listing, and wait for the proper time. One of the issues dapps face is fighting with the token market value vs mining value, so limiting its access to the market in the early going can be a great way to combat this issue.

What other things do you want IOST community to know about Topia in general?
We are a strong community-driven team. We care very much about the health of the space and we always keep the community at the forefront of everything that we do.
We put forethought into every decision and we have a very long term outlook.
We have built an immense amount of trust in the community because we continually display these qualities to them, and we have no other plan but to continue to do so.
The community is everything.
We have some big announcements coming in the very near future. Surprises that are not on our current roadmap that we think will bring a lot of joy to the dapp space.

IOST: (this will be changed to IOSTopia soon)